The birth of a travel blogger – how it all began, way before I found Dubai…

I have had a fascination and love of travel for as long as I can remember, however this wanderlust was first satiated when I finished university. I had always been committed to the idea of a year backpacking when I finished my studies and I had a friend who needed a career break at the same time. Between us we planned the (all too common) route through Australasia and Asia, to last seven months in total (before the money ran out!)

The trip took in Fiji, New Zealand’s North and South islands, Australia’s East and West coasts, Bali & Lombok, Singapore, Malaysia and southern and northern Thailand, although we split up fairly early on in the trip to go our separate ways. I had also been hoping to take in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia but unfortunately ran out of time.

Since then, I moved to Dubai and have used the UAE’s central location to explore the Middle East, travel around more of Asia and tour the Indian Subcontinent. My travel habits have evolved over the years; I haven’t completely ditched the backpack and Lonely Planet, but my days of sharing dorm rooms with cockroaches, mice and other undesirables have long gone!

When travelling alone I still prefer guesthouses that enable me to meet other travellers and share experiences, but they are of a better quality than my student choices, and when travelling with friends I am easily convinced to go for the somewhat more comfortable options! After four years of working for luxury hospitality management company Jumeirah, I can truly appreciate unique and luxury hotels, and now I’m looking to share these with the world through my humble little travel blog.

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